Summer Fun with Linn & The Power of 3

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Summer 2016 Upgrade Offers from Linn

Kickstart your summer with these three noteworthy offers from Linn

Offer #1: Free Upgrades with Integrated SpeakersLinn_Series5_530 Paprika_Stairs Web Res

Choose the performance and elegance of a Linn Exakt integrated speaker, and Linn will upgrade your existing Klimax or Akurate network music player to the latest spec for free. In addition, when you upgrade you can opt to re-use your current electronics in a Renew DS or Renew DSM.
Klimax DS and Akurate DS owners can also opt for a DS to DSM conversion for half price when buying
Klimax Exaktbox or Akurate Exaktbox.

Offer #2: Upgrade with Exaktbox for LessLinn-Majik-Exaktbox-I-Silver-Front-&-Rear

Add a Linn Exaktbox to your system, and save on the upgrade to your existing Linn Klimax or Akurate network music player.
Exaktbox extends the benefits of Linn’s Exakt technology to your current speakers, whether they are made by Linn or not.
What’s more, every Exaktbox is software-configurable, so even if you change your speakers in the future,
your system is quickly and easily updated.

Offer #3: +2 Channels of Amplification

More channels mean more performance, whether you’re bi-amping or upgrading to Exakt.
Get two channels free when you purchase a new Akurate or Majik series amplifier.


These offers are valid until August 15, 2016

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