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New streaming preamplifier from Naim to include DSD playback

March of 2015 heralds a new era for Naim, as they add DSD playback to their newest streaming preamplifier, the forthcoming NAC-N 272.  As part of their “classic” range, the NAC-N 272 builds on the success of the NAC-N 172, and unites both analogue and digital playback capabilities at the highest level yet in a Naim preamplifier.

The NAC-N 272 natively integrates class leading network audio playback, internet radio, Spotify Connect, aptX Bluetooth, as well as your legacy analogue and digital source components.  The 272 volume control is derived from the design of the flagship Statement NAC S1 control.  And should you ever feel the urge to upgrade, no fewer than three optional power supplies are available to raise the performance bar even further.  An optional FM tuner module can be fitted as well.

As mentioned above, Naim has included DSD playback via the network input (DSD64), and promises to make this feature available on other existing Naim products in the near future.  This is a very exciting development as high resolution DSD music files are becoming more readily available for download.  As icing on the cake, a true Class-A headphone amp was developed for this product to drive even the most demanding high-end headphones.