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Naim Expands DSD Playback Capability

From today new ND5 XS, NDX and NAC-N 172 XS network players will be shipped with Bluetooth (aptX) naim_unitiqute2_ipad-scrcompatibility. Firmware Version 4.3 for all Naim streaming products is also now available to download.

Version 4.3 will enable DSD playback for existing owners of network players equipped with the higher spec SHARC DSP hardware (ND5 XS, NDX, NDS, SuperUniti, NAC-N 272). The NDS gets multiroom capability for the first time and all players now support the higher resolution BBC Radio HLS format, can use Spotify Connect in multiroom mode and benefit from a host of minor bug fixes.

A full list of new features and fixes in Firmware Version 4.3 is available below:

  • DSD 64 support for SuperUniti, ND5XS, NDX and NDS
  • Spotify Connect input can now be streamed using multiroom
  • Support for high-res HLS format used by BBC Radio stations
  • Fix for incorrect ‘Fault 36’ report occurring on some NDS network players
  • Multiroom support for NDS
  • DST (Daylight Saving Time) full implementation

You can see exactly how version 4.3 will affect your product by clicking here.