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Linn updates entire DS product range, adds Space Optimisation

This week, Linn took an enormous leap forward in the evolution of their DS & DSM digital music players.  As the first high-end audio company to execute such a device in late 2007, there is a lot to live up to — and Linn surprised us all with the announcements made this week.

Space Optimisation

With a simple firmware update, this new software tool is available to ALL existing Linn DS owners at no cost whatsoever.  It allows your DS player to model your listening room, and correct for areas where excess energy tends to build up.  This advanced room correction algorithm was previously only available to customers with Exakt speaker systems.  There are over forty compatible speaker systems available at launch, with many more to come…..and not just Linn speakers.  The list includes models from B&W, ProAc, KEF and others.

 Hardware Updates

All Linn Majik, Akurate and Klimak DS & DSM players have undergone a complete technical reworking.Akurate_Exakt_System_Black_DSM_Akudorik_Gloss_White_72dpi
This includes all new circuit designs, more precise digital clocking, further reducing noise and jitter.  Linn is famous for offering a clear upgrade path for their customers.  To that end, all existing Akurate and Klimax players have the option of being upgraded to new specification at a greatly reduced price.  Additionally, your old DS player can be recycled into a Renew DS chassis, giving you the option of having music in another room.

Exakt Ready

All new production Klimax, Akurate and Majik DS and DSMs are now future-proof, featuring Exakt Links so that you can relax safe in the knowledge that you can upgrade to the ultimate performance of Exakt at any time.

Book a demonstration with Sound Image to experience the new Linn DS with Space Optimisation for yourself.