Home Theater

Home Theater

Discerning home theater enthusiasts know that there’s more to a high-end home theater than just a big video screen. The audio quality and clarity lend motion pictures much of their emotional impact. Our customers tend to like home theaters that place an emphasis on “home.” In other words, they like the superior viewing experience provided by a high-end system but don’t want the clutter of big speakers and metal boxes dominating their viewing room. They come to us because we not only sell and install the best gear, but also because we can install it inconspicuously.

We can provide installation for projectors, remote control projection screens, custom equipment enclosures and speaker installation, and integrate any home theater system we sell with our home automation systems.

Not sure where to start? Consider Arcam for the ultimate price/performance balance. Speakers from Totem or Tannoy will round out the system with great performance, appearance, and economy.

And for those who will only settle for the best, step up to the absolute best with a home theater speaker system and separate components.

REL subwoofers are considered among the very best for music and theater. They can integrate seamlessly into almost any system.

We are also proud to sell and install JVC’s state-of-the-art D-ILA projectors which rival film for picture quality.

Want to bring it all together so anyone can control it without using six hands and a manual? Let us automate it with Crestron control.

Contact us today and get ready to have a whole new experience from your movies!