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Exciting Upgrades for Linn LP12

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The LP12 Revolution Continues

Unmatched over four decades, the LP12 is still the pinnacle of record player design.  A revolutionary icon that’s still evolving.

Linn is proud to announce two new groundbreaking upgrades, which push the performance envelope of the legendary LP12 to new heights.

Lingo 4 Motor Controller

Precise speed control of any vinyl playback system is crucial to maintain pitch accurate performance.  The new Lingo 4 achieves this important goal using technology derived from Linn’s flagship Radikal motor controller.  

Each revolution of the turntable platter is digitally monitored and adjusted as needed, offering the most precise speed ever achieved from any product bearing the Lingo name.

Existing Lingo owners should take note — the Lingo 4 is a complete clean sheet design and offers tremendous benefits from previous versions. Best of all, Linn was able to achieve this high level of engineering with only a slight price increase from the outgoing model.

Urika II Phono Preamplifier

The exceptional Urika II builds on what was made possible by the original Urika, to deliver a new breakthrough in phono stage design.

In addition to the improved clarity and detail brought by shortening the signal path to the phono stage, Urika II uses Linn’s cutting-edge digital signal processing technology to implement the RIAA curve in the digital domain. This brings you lower distortion, lower noise and (hence) more music.

As with the original Urika, Urika II is powered by Linn’s extraordinary Radikal power supply and is mounted on the Trampolin base board within the plinth of your Sondek LP12 to maintain phono stage isolation and improve deck suspension.


Special Upgrade Offer

To celebrate the Sondek LP12’s birthday and the launch of these latest LP12 upgrades, you can get a tempting 15% off an additional LP12 upgrade when you purchase either Urika II or Lingo 4.

Plus, Linn is reintroducing the Sondek LP12’s original fluted plinth design!  Available for a limited time only and exclusively for those buying Urika II or Lingo 4.

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These special offers are good until March 30, 2018 so contact us today at 770-612-0166 to secure your purchase.