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A perfect match: ProAc loudspeakers find a new home at Sound Image Atlanta

ProAc Carbon Six Ebony

All of us at Sound Image are incredibly pleased to be the newly appointed representatives of ProAc loudspeakers in the Atlanta area. For over 35 years, this legendary British marque has conceived and built a wide range of loudspeakers that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear. Under the guiding hand of founder Stewart Tyler, many of ProAc’s designs have achieved cult status among music and Hi-Fi aficionados alike — and for good reason.

To this day, all ProAc speakers remain hand crafted in Great Britain, with the ultimate goal of remaining faithful to the original musical performance. At Sound Image, this is our mission as well — preserving the original intent of recorded music. ProAc’s designs allow the listener to experience their favorite pieces of music as the composer intended, without embellishment or reinterpretation.

Gorgeous to look at and even more fun to listen to, we believe ProAc represents the perfect marriage of sight and sound.